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There’s a popular saying that goes, “If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.” Perhaps, the same can be said for exercising as well. Once you love your workout routines, you’ll most likely never break a sweat during your fitness journey. But how can you find a routine whilst stuck in a chaotic schedule? Enter RightLife’s Move Right module - helping you make enough time for your favorite type of physical activity even in the busiest lifestyles. At RightLife, we believe every user should discover forms of exercise they genuinely look forward to doing. That’s our goal - we help each user find activities that align with their interests as well as abilities.  

Developing the ‘Move Right’ Habit with RightLife 

The 'Move Right' module within the RightLife app isn't just a collection of workouts; it's a holistic approach to movement. There is a routine for everyone, right from high-intensity cardio workouts or a yoga session to calm your nerves. We also have an E-commerce section on the app that guides users on fitness related products. Anything from equipment and yoga mats to superfoods and supplements, you will find everything you need to adopt a fitter lifestyle. 

RightLife is home to well-known experts and professional trainers who will customize your routines and keep pushing you to your limit. The Move Right module also helps you receive personalized advice for your fitness goals. Move Right’s live sessions can be accessed anywhere and scheduled anytime to suit your convenience. Through our different categories, we ensure that our users are exposed to a range of workouts that promote overall fitness. 


From the dynamic Vinyasa to the organized sequences of Ashtanga, and the gentle stretches of Yin, our yoga caters to all levels. With immersive classes for Hatha and Vinyasa, users can learn how to coordinate their movement and breath together. The Move Right module also offers routines suitable for elderly users, for those managing health conditions and little kids. These usually include low-impact workouts that improve balance and flexibility. 


In the Movement category of the module, you can experience dynamic movement practices like cardio, mobility and strength training, full body workouts, sports and balance training. Users can also learn ancient practices like Tai Chi and Qigong which combine slow standing poses with breathing techniques. Within the Move Right module, users can also learn the right technique and functional training for their favorite sports. 


Within this section, users can learn about the physiological benefits of proper breathing techniques and how they affect the nervous system, circulation, stress levels and more.

With breathing exercises for kids as well as adults, users can take control of their breath, reduce anxiety and promote overall wellness. 

Inclusive Fitness 

RightLife’s commitment to inclusivity extends to fitness as well. The Move Right module offers training activities for the elderly and those battling illnesses or disabilities. These specialized routines help improve strength, flexibility, and balance with gentle, low-impact exercises appropriate for their needs. For aging users, the focus is on enhancing mobility, stability and coordination to build overall fitness and prevent injury from falls. 

What’s more? Our module also includes a fun-packed exercise routine for young kids. This makes it easy for parents to get their kids active and lay the foundation for lifelong fitness and health. 'Move Right' ensures that fitness is accessible and beneficial for everyone. 


Backed by science, Move Right’s rehabilitation programs address specific needs. Users can learn the science behind evidence-based rehab exercises and how they aid recovery from injury or surgery. If you want to understand the physiology of rebuilding strength, mobility, and function, then this is the place for you. 

Through a range of upper body exercises and stretches, one can improve mobility of the shoulders, arms, chest, upper back, and neck. Specific exercises can also rehabilitate your hips, knees, joints, thighs, calves, ankles and feet.

To sum it up, whether it's upper body recovery or lower body strengthening, our module guides users through evidence-based exercises for different recovery stages. 


Exercise Science

The Exercise Science section explains the links between fitness, exercise, diet and health. This knowledge helps users understand the purpose behind each exercise that will contribute to their overall fitness. With the help of research based insights, users can understand exercise duration, frequency, types, and intensity can help achieve the desired results.

Move Right goes beyond just workouts. With proper fitness education, progress tracking and live classes, we provide the resources you need to stay consistent. That’s our goal - we help each user find activities that align with their interests as well as abilities.  


With the RightLife app, each movement is a step toward a healthier, more vibrant you. Get your fitness goals on the right track today. Exercise smartly and at your own pace with the Move Right module. Get started with the RightLife app today!