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Just like we ensure that we stay up-to-date with our vaccinations against serious diseases, it's also crucial to take a proactive stance in safeguarding our overall health and well-being. In the fast-paced world of today, regular health checkups have been put on the backburner, often overshadowed by demanding work schedules and family commitments. As a result, many individuals end up neglecting their health and missing important screenings and tests that could detect issues early on. 

Preventative care is essential for maintaining wellbeing and catching potentially serious illnesses before they reach an advanced stage. One of the primary reasons for the disregard of regular health checkups is the belief that if one feels well, there may be no immediate need for medical attention. While this might sound logical to some extent, it grossly ignores the fundamental principle of preventive healthcare. So, is there a way to get out of this trap? Yes, with the MyHealth tool, you can now bridge the gap between hectic schedules and self-checks, ensuring that preventive care remains a central focus in the midst of life's demands.

MyHealth Module

With the MyHealth Module on the RightLife app, you can stay one step ahead in thwarting any disease. Through our cutting-edge tech, you can acquire insights on your wellbeing in mere seconds. My Health operates as a vigilant guardian, providing users with accessible and user-friendly self-checks for early detection. Through our tools like HealthCam, Mind Audit, Voice Scan, and Health Audit, we deliver data that helps you prevent serious diseases. 



Our innovative Healthcam tool allows you to get a thorough assessment of your current vitals within 30 seconds. By just scanning your face, you’ll learn if you have risks of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol or any underlying condition. Once the scan is completed, a General Wellness Score (GWL) is provided. Ranging from 0 to 100, this score serves as a comprehensive measure of an individual’s overall health and well-being. Moreover, there is also a breakdown of components such as your vitals, cardiovascular indication, mental health, physical fitness, heart health and metabolic health.


MyHealth’s Voice Scan feature offers users a detailed analysis of their current mental state based on a short voice sample. The highly advanced and accurate technology measures shifts in your voice to determine your mental health. The real strength of Voice Scan lies in its ability to detect subtle shifts that may go unnoticed in day-to-day interactions. Early identification of changes in vocal patterns can be indicative of emerging mental health concerns, enabling individuals to take proactive measures before these issues escalate.

Mind Audit 

The Mind Audit tool helps you understand the complexities of your mind by taking you through clinically proven assessments. By engaging in this evaluation, users get access to their cognitive behaviour, emotional health and possible areas of concern. The Mind Audit tool provides early insights into potential mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. It revolutionizes mental health management by advocating early intervention and fostering a proactive approach. 

Health Audit 

Lastly, the MyHealth module also gives users access to the Health Audit feature. It takes you through an in-depth assessment to understand your chances of developing diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and heart complications. The medically verified assessments can help you get your health back on track and bolster your commitment to preventive healthcare. All you need to do is make small but sustainable changes to your lifestyle habits that optimize vitality and prevent disease. 

Through MyHealth, regular self-checks become a part of an individual's routine, promoting a proactive approach to health management. So, instead of grappling with expensive medical bills during the treatment of diseases, invest a small amount of your time regularly for health check-ups with MyHealth. We simplify preventive care by making wellness proactive, personalized, and technology-driven.

By signing up with RightLife, you unlock MyHealth’s comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies that facilitate regular self-checks, early detection, and informed decision-making. Your health is in your hands, start your journey of safeguarding it today.


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