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Living a healthy, balanced life isn't always easy. Especially in today’s fast-paced modern world where a person’s wellness takes center stage. With countless digital distractions and workplace pressure, it’s normal to feel stuck in a rut. So, is there a way out? What if we told you that it is possible to take control of your health, one step at a time. Better still, at your fingertips, literally! Say hello to RightLife, an app that will help you on your journey to lead a happier and healthier life. 

What is RightLife?

Amidst the rapid pace of today's modern life where the world requires you to keep up, RightLife believes in taking things at your own pace. Good things often take time, we believe that your holistic wellbeing is no different. So, while the world is in haste, we say that you embrace your own rhythm, build your stamina and cultivate inner peace. 

The RightLife app provides customized diet and exercise plans tailored to your needs and goals. Our app is home to evidence-based tips, tools and content to empower you to make positive lifestyle changes. You can try new recipes, track calories, improve sleep cycle and also embrace the benefits of meditation at the click of a button. 

RightLife has five modules, each one targeting individual aspects of your health that need improvement. Here is a short overview of them:

Eat Right

Through sections like Food & Body and Food & Mind, the module takes you through the crucial link between nutrition and your body & mind thereby enabling you to make conscious food choices. 

The Eat Right module also explores the concept of "Food as Medicine," understanding how the nutrients in our diet can contribute to optimal health. Another section also helps you gain insights into managing food allergies which often hamper your digestion. Through frequent reminders, the Eat Right Module also helps you understand the significance of staying adequately hydrated and how it positively affects various bodily functions. Lastly, the Eat Right  module’s commitment to healthy eating practices extends to Food Sustainability as well. Through this section, users uncover the connection between your dietary choices and the health of the planet. 

Move Right

With RightLife, you can schedule daily workouts from anywhere in the world without the need of any equipment. Our easy-to-follow sessions will leave you more energized to deal with everyday challenges. The Yoga section in the Move Right module has classes for all levels as well as specialized programs for prenatal and kids. On the other hand, the ‘Movement’ category features dynamic practices like cardio, strength training, sports drills, and balancing exercises. Moreover, you can also learn meditation techniques like Tai Chi and Qi Gong which integrate standing and balancing. 

Sleep Right

Learn how to get a good night’s rest with the Sleep Right module. For individuals experiencing sleep difficulties, “Sleep Disorders" offers information on conditions troubling your night schedule and taking corrective measures to improve sleep quality. The Sleep Right module is home to various sleep aids like stories, resonators, nature sounds, NSDR and calming ambient sounds that can enhance your quality of sleep. It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights with RightLife. 

Think Right 

Learn how to keep stress at bay by meditating and practicing daily affirmations that will not only help you improve your mental health but also manifest the goals that you’ve set for yourself. The Think Right module redefines mental well-being through journaling, engaging workshops and live classes. RightLife also aims to shed light on mental health issues like autism, bipolar disorder and PTSD which are often considered taboo. Through this module, RightLife is committed to creating a supportive community where individuals can thrive mentally, emotionally, and socially. 

My Health 

The fifth and the last module in the RightLife app is My Health. It uses the latest technology with facial and voice scans to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their mental fitness and overall well-being. Through facial scans, the app analyzes your profile to get a health report in just 30 seconds. Users can learn about health risks and overall fitness by this quick assessment. 

The voice scan on the other hand, assesses various vocal parameters to give a complete report on your mental well-being. This approach provides users with a personalized and in-depth evaluation of their mental health. 

Right Life’s face and voice scans help each individual get personalized content that align with their specific requirements and aid them in achieving holistic well being.

Through My Health’s First Look Report, users can take a quick self-assessment to understand their risks to diseases like hypertension, diabetes and any other life-threatening illness. This useful feature helps users take notice of any immediate health concerns or areas that require urgent medical attention. Apart from that, My Health also helps users track their sleeping patterns and take corrective measures towards improving sleep quality. 

RightLife makes it simple to understand your overall well-being so you can make informed decisions each day. Our graphs allow you to visualize progress as you form healthy habits over time. With in-app reminders and accountability features, staying on track is effortless. Getting started with RightLife is easy, just fill out a basic questionnaire and voila! You’re on board. Begin your journey on the right path today!